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‘Snowmageddon’ hits the UK and Ireland and the reactions are as sarcastic as they get

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A massive cold front is passing over Europe at the moment. The UK and Ireland can’t escape its cold grasp either. The people there aren’t terribly impressed by the so called ‘Beast of the East’ and ‘Snowmageddon,’ though…


1. It’s not as bad as people expected.


2. How dare they?


3.Β The weather service probably should’ve picked a different color there…


4. On second thought, maybe they did it on purpose anyway.


5. Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough.


6. There may be a little schadenfreude in the mix as well.


7. Kate found a way to turn it into a joke about Brexit.


8. This seems fitting.


9. The beast is still on the loose..


10. The people started stocking up.


11. Everyone has their own priorities.


12. Hurry! Before it’s…


13. … too late.


14. Supermarkets sold out, and did not restock.


15. Which makes the bread that’s still out there just that much more valuable.


16. People deal with it in different ways.


17. There’s always one.


18. But for real, it’s dangerous out there.


Enjoy the wintery weather, but be careful out there!


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