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Dutch people are dealing with Winter by shoving their faces in the snow

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The Dutch are currently trying to deal with a lot of snowfall. Roads become more dangerous, and public transport is in chaos as well. So what do you do to entertain yourself if you can’t go anywhere? You shove your face in the snow, obviously.


1. Janneke discovered that if you stick your face in the snow, and take a picture of it with your flash on, something very cool happens.


2. Look at the amount of detail.


Face it, it’s pretty stunning.


3. People started following Janneke’s example pretty quickly.


4. One might even say things started snowballing… into a hashtag.


5. Which quickly turned into an avalanche.


6. Friso combines the #SnowFaceChallenge with his excitement for the new Star Wars movie.


7. Jelle had a… different interpretation.


8. These don’t look demonic at all.


9. Martin got a mouthful there.


10. But you see where this is going…


11. It really does work, give it a try sometime!


Even animals are joining in.

pounce north america GIF


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