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These people on Heineken’s Facebook page might be drunk

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Don’t drink and Facebook, people. Or, actually, please do.


1. Tedros’ inner Martin Luther King comes out when he drinks.


2. And Solomon turns into a cheerleader.

3. Alfred is playing hard to get.


4. The Best of Social Media posted this.


5. Don agrees with Sarah.


6. Alan is VERY excited about the incoming rapture.


7. Ok.


8. If Wezzy is talking about context, then yes, us too.


9. They probably do use some, yes.


10. Cheers to the happy couple.


11. That’s how we prefer our beers as well.


12. Just a hunch, but Alejandro might be on the wrong page.


13. Alright then.


14. We’d like to buy some vowels, please.


15. John got a little emotional.


16. Heineken just wants to make sure he understands.


17. And then John had something to confess.


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