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The 14 best 1-star Facebook reviews for the most famous landmarks

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Most people leave raving 5-star reviews on Facebook pages of famous landmarks. Some, however, are not as easily impressed by architectural masterpieces or natural wonders.


1. Big Ben may be an important symbol of London, but it has a major downside.


2. The Tower of Pisa could use some work.


3. Easter Island really needs to mix things up a bit.


4.We can all agree that the worst thing about the Hollywood Sign is its online presence.


5.Kostas’ visit to the Acropolis was completely ruined by its lazy design.


6.Perhaps with some Wi-Fi it would be an Even Greater Wall of China.


7.Alistair’s experience at the Eiffel Towerwasn’t exactly electrifying.


8.More like Taj Mehal, am I right, Aaron?


9. The cocktails at the Sydney Opera House are just crappy.


10. If you get sick of Niagara Falls, it’s better to be on the Canadian side.


11. It takes more than just a view from the highest mountain in the world for Mount Everest to impress Brice.


12. Brice is on the fence about The Brandenburg Gate as well.


13. John wasn’t loving it at The Pyramids of Giza.


14. Fortunately for the Empire State Building, some 1-star reviews are just missing a zero.


Next time, maybe think twice before you plan your holidays.

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