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Bride is furious because a guest leaked her ridiculous dress code

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Most people who are getting married want their wedding to be extra special. The bride in this article asks her guests to wear a very specific outfit, but not everyone is enthusiastic. One of the guests leaked the demands online, and its not pretty.


1. The bride announces the dress code well in advance.


2. And next to that special dance, the guests need to get dressed in special attire too. The bride doesn’t ask for one, but two looks. And it’s not a cheap request.


3. The requests of the bride already seem a bit outrageous, but the dress code makes it even crazier.


4. Yes, you’ve read it right. Guests are classified by their weight.


5. Don’t wear orange!


6. The bride-to-be saw her requests on the Internet, and she is not amused.


7. So, a party will be hosted in honor of the snitch.


8. Don’t even think about not attending this.


9. But, this polygraph test isn’t really needed. You can also be honest about it, no big deal…


10. In case you were wondering, you could also volunteer if you’re not pleased. Nice solution, right?


11. But, next to ranting, the bride also gives an explanation.


12. But the bride doesn’t only focus on the guests. 


13. And to end her rant, she wishes some respect.


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