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24 times that Wish proves to be the weirdest webshop on the Internet

3 minuten lezen

Everyone who has a Facebook or Instagram account might have seen ads for weird products. Although we do enjoy the weirdness, we are wondering who really buys these products..


1. This guy recently had his first experience with Wish and shared it on Twitter.



2. This image probably scared him for life.


3. True love’s keychains.


4. You can’t say no to these Nicolas Cage pants.


5. What can we say?


6. Nicolas Cage seems to have a great face for products.


7. There’s a lot more to explore on this website.



8. Brace yourselves.


9. Can someone explain us the goal of this product?


10. This product leaves us more disturbed than relaxed.


11. People react with their own findings. Does anyone want some ‘snow’?


12. And as you probably already expected, there’s more weird stuff happening on this webshop.


13. These ads might say something about your browser history.


14. Easy clean!Β 


15. Wish has a huge range of products that make you cringe.



16. Is this fashion?


17. No doubt you’ll be seen with this bike light.


18. Imagine your partner wearing these.


19. Or THESE?


20. Because you definitely want this in your house, or wherever it is designed to be.


21. Thanks Ellen, thanks.


22. This one in particular gives us nightmares.


23. Imagine wearing these.


24. Last but not least, nothing can top this.


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