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19 times that autocorrect completely ducks with us

3 minuten lezen

There are a lot of annoying features on a cellphone. Push notifications, ads and so on. But the by far most annoying feature must be autocorrect. Every time you want to write something, it just changes words like it knows better. I bet you know the struggle, but you are not alone.


1. Autocorrect causes a lot of troubles.


2. Well, it’s basically the same.



3. We’re not quite sure what autocorrect is trying to suggest.



4. Interesting choice of sauce.



5. People are getting really personal in their anger.


6. Would he be in auto-correct heaven?


7. She is having a rough time with the feature.


8. Autocorrect just makes things unintentionally awkward.


9. Right when you think your day couldn’t get worse.


10. Mike has gotta do what he gotta do. 



11. This would be very disturbing.


12. Auto-correct exposed you.


13. It would be scary if it was true.


14. Thanks for the compliment?


15. Exactly our thoughts.


16. It’s a classic.



17. This one is for everyone born in the previous century.


18. Sometimes autocorrect knows when to back off.



19. But the awkward mistakes aren’t always auto-correct’s fault.



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