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These people describing grocery shopping is everything we all go through

3 minuten lezen

Grocery shopping is one of the weekly tasks we have to do to stay alive. Sometimes it is quite the adventure, and with the adventure we mean a struggle full of heavy bags containing relatable experiences.


1. We start off with this expectation..


2. Shopping with kids ain’t easy, and neither is it fast.


3. This mother found a way to make their kids realize that.


4. But for the ones without kids, there are enough other struggles. Like shopping carts.


5. What if..


6. It’s all a part of getting older.


7. Who’s idea is this??


8. This deserves an award.


9. Do they have some sort of a mute button?


10. This guy found the loophole.


12. But not only children can be annoying..


13. Exhibit B.


14. Not all men are suited for grocery shopping.


15. Dads will be dads.


16. Grocery shopping is just so tiring.


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