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May 2018

These posts on fastfood Facebook pages are weird and funny as hell

People have a lot to say to their favorite fastfood chains. Sometimes it's just hard…
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*Literally* everybody is changing their privacy policy right now

Tagged as funny gdpr
The new European privacy law (GDPR) will go into effect on Friday. Because of this,…
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Food blog announces ‘new’ trend and gets flooded with sarcastic reactions

Get ready for the next crazy new food trend...   1. Food blog The Takeout…
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These 11 pictures prove that timing is truly everything

Every now and then you take a picture that just could be timed any better…
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These Awards for Good Boys are not sarcastic at all

Men often feel like they deserve to be praised for doing the bare minimum. Fortunately…
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Deal with it: these Yanny vs Laurel jokes are all correct

WHICH. IS. IT.   1. Here it is. The soundbyte that broke the internet and…
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Beef over ‘racist’ British phrase leads to hilarious jokes on social media

Britain. Are you doing okay? Your political debates have seemed crazier and crazier recently. For…
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Deadmau5 tries to burn rapper, but gets burned right back by Diplo

That's got to hurt... *UPDATE* Lil' Yachty also responded to Deadmau5.   1. It starts…
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People are losing it over this bizarre cat in a Renaissance painting

The devil's in the details.   1. A Twitter user was admiring this beautiful flower…
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People share their all-time favorite tweets in this hilarious thread

Fred Delicious asked his followers for their all-time favorite tweet which resulted in a thread…
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