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July 2019


People share phrases from their native language and their literal meanings

The bored panda shared an article about non-english phrases and their literal meaning. Some of…
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Girls share the not so Insta worthy pictures their boyfriends took of them

Love is.. taking cute pictures of each other. However, sometimes it seems that boyfriends are…
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This Instagram famous hotspot in Bali turns out to be a shattered dream

The 'Gates of Heaven' in Bali are the ultimate hotspot for a worthy holiday picture.…
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Comic Sans used in real life is something you’ll never get used to

Comic Sans: the ugliest font style ever created. A general fact, right? Well, nope. Apparently…
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April 2019


Extreme mindfuck: you can’t name one object in this photo

Tagged as TWITTER
We can't stop looking at this photo. We recognize nothing at all. Or do we?…
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This designer takes your photoshop requests way too literal

James Fridman is a British graphic designer who works a lot with Photoshop. On Twitter,…
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March 2019


Strangeplanet comics show us how weird humans really are

Tagged as art Comics
Nathan Pyle, writer and illustrator, is the owner of an Instagram account called Strange Planet.…
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Googly eyes make everything better and this is all the proof you need

Googly eyes are a customer favorite in every arts and crafts store, and for a…
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Airline CEO responds to adorable letter from 10-year-old Alex

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? The 10-year-old Alex…
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People everywhere are cleaning their surroundings thanks to #trashtag challenge

The #Trashtag became a worldwide phenomenon in just a few days thanks to this post…
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