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February 2018

These hilarious posts about the Olympics deserve all of the medals

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang have been going on for about two weeks now. We've…
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FOX ignites a remix on Twitter after they break news about R. Kelly

Sometimes you find a joke that fits a news story so well that it doesn't…
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Donald Trump attacks Oprah Winfrey and Twitter is not letting him get away with it

If there is one thing Donald Trump loves to do on Twitter, it's attacking people.…
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This photographer improves his pictures in hilarious ways with pieces of paper

Instagram has an enormous community of photographers, both amateur and professional. That means there is…
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People are amazed by the helmets of Olympic skeleton athletes

The Olympics have delivered us plenty of spectacular moments so far. Skeleton, sliding down a…
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16 times adults tried to level with young people in their language and failed miserably

A lot of brands and organizations want to appeal to young people. The problem, however,…
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It was UK Pun Day, and these brands just couldn’t help but get in on the fun

Tagged as BBC funny
Every country has their own traditions and holidays. The United Kingdom celebrated their most hilarious…
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These artists bake the most unbelievable creations for Pancake Day

Tomorrow may be Valentine's Day, but today is much more important. It's Pancake Day. People…
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