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February 2021


Alex’s date asks for a refund and opinions vary widely

In the end we all want to find our soulmate one day. Well, what better…
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Never a dull moment: Ashlie decides to go full glam for vaccination

It's been a very long time for all of us since we were able to…
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People can’t wrap their heads around this picture of three, ehm four people

It's definitely not the first time a picture shows up on the Internet and plays…
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Painfully accurate: these people got mislead by packaging

We don't always notice it anymore, but all of us know the feeling when opening…
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12 bizarre dilemmas from Dilemmarama that will make your head explode

Playing games like 'Would You Rather' with friends can be a lot of fun. Every…
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Lidl’s response to this man’s complaint will definitely make you laugh

Tagged as funny Lidl
A man named Carl Goldfinch tried to receive a discount by showing supermarket-chain Lidl that…
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January 2020


These people show how they rebelled against adults with daring haircuts

Your hair says a lot about your identity. Whether you have it short, long, purple…
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Thailand bans plastic bags so people use creative and hilarious alternatives

While grocery shopping it is convenient to carry a bag with you. And since Thailand…
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November 2019


Instagrammer pranks people on the street with these AirPods stickers

Some people have a great sense of humor. This absolutely is the cas for Pablo…
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These people on Twitter tell their dogs they’re not so good boys

The Internet is full of people who are loving and praising their dogs online. Some…
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