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January 2020


These people show how they rebelled against adults with daring haircuts

Your hair says a lot about your identity. Whether you have it short, long, purple…
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Thailand bans plastic bags so people use creative and hilarious alternatives

While grocery shopping it is convenient to carry a bag with you. And since Thailand…
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November 2019


Instagrammer pranks people on the street with these AirPods stickers

Some people have a great sense of humor. This absolutely is the cas for Pablo…
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These people on Twitter tell their dogs they’re not so good boys

The Internet is full of people who are loving and praising their dogs online. Some…
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October 2019


Bride is furious because a guest leaked her ridiculous dress code

Most people who are getting married want their wedding to be extra special. The bride…
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Applicant gets publicly objectified by company because of bikini picture

We all know the drill: be careful with what you post on social media. But…
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24 times that Wish proves to be the weirdest webshop on the Internet

Everyone who has a Facebook or Instagram account might have seen ads for weird products.…
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September 2019


19 times that autocorrect completely ducks with us

There are a lot of annoying features on a cellphone. Push notifications, ads and so…
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These people describing grocery shopping is everything we all go through

Grocery shopping is one of the weekly tasks we have to do to stay alive.…
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Mom befriends fox and buys it all the snacks in the world

Friendships are beautiful. Most of us have a group of friends that we hang out…
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