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December 2018


Twitter explodes after discovering the correct use of a can opener

YES, we CAN! open up and learn something new everyday: Today it will be something…
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November 2018


The internet discovered ‘Trumpy Bear’ and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry

Just before Christmas season we present to you the plush animal that you did not…
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Muggel rewrites Harry Potter chapter and saves fan favorite

It is no secret that the author of Harry Potter sacrificed quite a few lives…
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Burger King UK puts Kanye West on the spot with one simple tweet

Ye has been in the news a lot lately. Namechanges, drinking tea with Donald Trump…
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This high school teacher grades her students with memes

Grading systems at schools vary from country to country and some researchers even argue for…
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October 2018


Influencer photoshops herself to Paris and Instagram has its way with it

Why fly all the way to Paris if you can just photoshop yourself in front…
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Autistic Boy loves peanut butter and asks Lidl for a refill

This is the feel good story everyone needs today. We all have a favorite dish…
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How this man was able to go to a wedding he wasn’t invited to

Sometimes you just can't invite √©veryone to you wedding. You can, however, propose something ridiculously…
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‘Other’ Brett Kavanagh forms funny support group for name-a-likes

His case has kept the nation in suspense for weeks. Now, the US Senate has…
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How these big athletes bring body positivity to Instagram for every body

Critics of social media often point out that especially Instagram would blur our image of…
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