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September 2018


Hurricane Florence has a special shape and Americans just can’t help themselves

Apparently, Hurricane Tracker just wanted to update their Facebook community on the effects of Hurricane…
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Sixt car rental UK reacts to criticasters by stepping on the gas under own video

Car rental company Sixt UK is asking for attention with their newest campaign video. They…
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The American internet is on fire during the Nike outrage and the tweets are priceless

Nike has caused a lot of controversy in the USA, by making NFL player Colin…
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August 2018


BMW and Audi are trolling each other in full throttle on Twitter

Tagged as Audi BWM
Not sure if their engines are overheated, but there definitely is a burn involved.  …
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This guy Photoshops himself in Kendall Jenner pics and its hilarious

Meet: Kirby Jenner. A model, lover al all things and "the twin of Kendall Jenner".…
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These reviews of a Swiss army knife are even sharper than the knife itself

We all love tools which are good for more than just one job don't we?…
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July 2018


Chrissy Teigen is clearly trolling on Twitter, but some people take it rather seriously

Chrissy Teigen is quite known for her funny antics on Twitter and she doesn't always…
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Netflix is causing a lot of outrage with trailer of new ‘fat shaming’ series

As Netflix puts it, the story of their new series Insatiable is 'full of crazy…
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People are trolling Snapchat’s support bot with hilarious results

"Thanks for reaching out. We're happy to help."   1. Snapchat was dealing with problems…
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These World Cup tweets from Paddy Power already won the tournament

Paddy Power is no ordinary bookmaker. They love live tweeting sports matches, and they're truly…
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