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Dental assistant jokes about ways people sit down and people aren’t happy

Going to the dentist is something basically no one actually enjoys, so feeling a little nervous every time you arrive there is more than normal. We bet you thought it couldn’t get worse but we have to let you down and show you this very honest video of an actual dentist that sort of roasts all of us by pointing out ways people take place in the chair. It’s quite awkward, just a little heads up.


1. This person tweeted about the TikTok video of the dental assistant.


2. Many people on Twitter aren’t very happy with the video and some even get a little angry.


3. And people rightfully wonder what the correct way to sit down is then.


4. Because especially the ‘scooch’ is a common one to get into the chair.


5. But apparently there is quite an easy way to get into this chair easily.


6. See, that would help so much?


7. But eventually, even though this dental assistant shouldn’t have made a joke about it, this person is also making a fair point.

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Lust geen koffie, maar ijskoffie dan weer wel. Hockeyt al zo lang ze zich kan…

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