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Stream Expert Ward Geene Puts Esports On The Map With Gaming Memes

2 minuten lezen

When you hear “esports”, you probably immediately think of gaming. But it’s not exactly the same kind of gaming as most would expect. It isn’t about recreational gamers, it’s about competitive gaming. And we’re not talking about an exciting Fifa game with your friends. To give outsiders more information about ESport culture and why it can be so interesting on social media, CEO of Streamdoctors and co-founder of ESports club, Ward Geene, will give a talk during The Best Social Conference.

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1. Ward started his own esports platform three years ago and it’s full of memes that only people in the game industry understand.


2. And that industry can be very interesting for brands. But you should know how to do it…


3. But his love for esports doesn’t die


4. Have you already become curious about the online culture of esports? Do you want to become an insider and talk about those jokes on social media? Then buy your ticket for The Best Social Conference quickly, because Ward Geene will give an interesting talk at 13:30 (CEST). Oh yes, something good to know: Pablo Rochat is also the headliner. So be there!