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Applicant gets publicly objectified by company because of bikini picture

We all know the drill: be careful with what you post on social media. But the following Instagrammer got publicly harassed by a company she applied for, all because of a holiday picture that she shared on the platform.


1. Emily applied for an internship.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get accepted. But that was not the only thing that happened. Her picture was shared on the company’s Instagram as an example of how not to apply for an internship. Say what?


2. Exhibit A.


3. What they did wasn’t smart. Emily’s story is now going viral.


4. Even after she addresses the company on their behavior, they keep standing by their beliefs.


5. Remarkably, the owner of the company also uploads pictures that are -if we live by their rules- ‘not representative’.




6. The internet fully supports Emily.



7. People are turning against the owner of the company. 


8. In the meantime… All the open profiles are locked and even the website of the company is deleted.



9. Does she even need an internship anymore? It looks like she won the Internet.


11. And she proudly kept her photo online on her Instagram.



12. We wish Emily the best of luck while finding a great internship!


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