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This account turns classical artworks into contemporary memes

2 minuten lezen

Art is sometimes hard to understand. Especially when it is made hundreds of years ago. Luckily there is the Instagram- and Facebookpage Classical Art Memes, which turns classical art into hilarious memes. In this way, we can finally understand the meaning of the artworks in the context of the 21st century.


1. Bro, seriously?


2. Harry Potter is a vampire?


3. Life:


4. The first, real Liong King.


5. This happend before Tinder too.. 


6. Ugh, not today. 

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7. Other times, same problems. 


8. Feed me. 


9. Back to reality.


10. You can always try. 


11. Looks like a Pokémon.


12. Did cats look like this before? 


13. After a night out. 

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14. A little bit out of proportion. 


15. Just majestic. 


16. Yes, yes, ofcourse I’m still here. 


17. Anything better than sleep? 


18. And that’s where you are wrong, my friend. 


19. If they had twitter during the Renaissance.


20. Love for oranges.


22. Then and now. 


23. ‘The book is so much better..’ 


24. Would this be art in 1000 years?


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