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The 16 weirdest messages people have left on corporate Facebook pages

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Most of the time when people reach out to companies on Facebook, they either want to praise them or complain about them. Sometimes, however, it’s not as easy to figure out what they’re trying to say.


1. Straight down the community page on your left. If you see the video page, you’ve gone too far.


2. You heard it here first: Tropicana’s full name is Daniel Tropicana.


3. Be patient, Sharyn, it’s coming. 


4. Link came straight to the point. 


5. Sensible feedback from Frazer. 


6. “Hold on a second, I need to tell this voucher company who my favorite philosopher is for no apparent reason.” 


7. Milly Locker is just so proud of her little boy. 


8. If you need someone to quit your job for you via Facebook, Joshua is your man. 


9. She’s not listing ingredients, is she? 


10. Forget about Tinder, The M&M’S USA Facebook page is where you find true love now. 


11. Don’t we all? 


12. Facebook post. 


13. Good for Hilda. 


14. Betty demands answers. 


15. Quan is a bit more chill. 


16. When you start making out with your new girl in front of your ex. 


All that remains is one simple question…

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