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Wendy’s is helping Twitter users fill in their bios with random facts about bears

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If you ever need inspiration for something to put in your Twitter or Instagram bio, all you need to do is ask fast food restaurant Wendy’s. They’ll have a random fact about bears to fit your needs.


1. Wendy’s is known for their quick wit on social media.


2. Sometimes they get into rap battles with other fast food chains.


3. But mostly they’re there for you when you need some help with important questions.

4. Wendy’s advice is taken very seriously.


5. So since it’s always difficult to come up with something original to put in your Twitter bio, why not ask Wendy’s?


6. And of course people take this beary good advice seriously.



7. To help these people out, Wendy’s opened a can of bear facts.


8. They obviously know all about bears’ food preferences.


9. These facts also make grizzly good senior quotes.


10. They’re of great koality.


11. The end is nowhere in sight.


12. Some of the details are truly grizzly.


13. This explains everything.


However, the biggest, most important question remains open. We’re waiting for your answer, Wendy’s.

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