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These are the 21 best “First Of All…” tweets on the internet

2 minuten lezen

Why do you need to read this blog? First of all…


1. But she caught me on the counter.



2. I still gotta catch ‘em all, okay?


3. Back off.


4. Pay some attention, please.


5. Easier said than done.


6. Who’s really to blame here, mom and dad?



7. Thank you for stating the obvious.


8. Pay attention, Netflix.


9. They’re catching on.


10. I’ll decide that for myself, thank you very much.



11. This one is burning hot.


12. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


13. This is still a good business idea.



14. Sam probably won’t be employee of the month anytime soon.



15. This one has to hurt.


16. Solid comeback.


17. April has a good excuse.


18. Peer pressure isn’t always effective.



19. It’s not even Halloween yet.


20. We all have our personal demons.



21. Even Westeros chimed in.


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