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Twitter suspended Rose McGowan for defending assault victims and people are outraged

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Ever since the news broke about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual misconduct, more and more victims of abuse in Hollywood are stepping forward. Actress Rose McGowan is one of them. She vocally defends other victims and calls out people who handle this scandal in the worst way. Until now, that is.


1. Rose McGowan has been vocally supporting women stepping forward with their stories about the abuse they’ve suffered.


2. She has a personal connection to the news story, as she is an abuse victim herself.


3. Seeing how powerful men are staying quiet makes her blood boil.


4. She called out Ben Affleck specifically after he came out with an unsatisfying statement.


5. She did not mince words.


6. And then, early this morning, McGowan shared on her Instagram that Twitter suspended her for 12 hours.


A post shared by Rose McGowan (@rosemcgowan) on


7. Silencing people who advocate for victims of rape and assault is not a good look.


8. It sends a very clear message.


9. Twitter’s priorities seem unclear.


10. Twitter’s creator, Jack Dorsey, has got some explaining to do.


11. These rules seem a bit confusing.


12. Ben Affleck’s feelings > freedom of the press.


13. At least it’s clear why Twitter handled it this way.


14. More and more people and organizations are coming to Rose’s defense.


15. The crowd is roaring alright.


16. McGowan’s former castmate is not exactly Charmed either.


17. At least the people are still here to voice their support.


18. To sum it all up:


Hey Twitter:

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