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The 13 best Friday the 13th tweets

2 minuten lezen

Stay away from black cats and don’t walk underneath a ladder while reading this blog.


1. It’s the unluckiest day of the year.


2. Some truly can’t catch a break.


3. You can stop trying to post the cutest Friday the 13th post, the New South Wales police force already won.


4. Not all black cats are unlucky.


5. To some it’s the most wonderful day of the year.


6. Sometimes Jason pops up where you least expect him.


7. Does this date scare you? There’s a name for that.


8. There’s definitely something spooky going on here.


9. The best advice of the day comes from Channel 4.


10. This guy probably follows that advice.


11. But some things you just don’t see coming.


12. Some things are almost too on the nose.


13. For some, however, it’s business as usual.


Careful everyone!

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