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15 times Jesse McLaren’s editing skills made Twitter a better place

4 minuten lezen

There is no picture or video on the internet that cannot be made more magical by editing wizard Jesse McLaren.


1. That poor little Porg from the new Star Wars trailer is a lot less cute now.


2. Sometimes his edits are very subtle, for devious reasons. Let’s hope it works.


3. He’s honest about his learning process.


4. He sure figured it out though.


5. It’s all for our benefit.


6. Sometimes Jesse’s edits are so good you might believe it’s real.





8. He created the game “Where’s Ceelo?”


9. Realizing things are puns take him on a real journey.


10. They can really blow his mind.


11. Especially when they’re about him.


12. The only way ‘It’ would have been even scarier.


13. Some edits will make you poop your pants – and not just because of the yogurt.


14. He even discovered Taylor Swift’s Game of Thrones cameo.


15. Make sure you follow his hilarious Instagram as well.


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