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The Great British Bake Off’s Twitter account can’t stop making the show sound dirty

The Great British Bake Off is a show filled with delicious pastries, delightful people, and devious innuendo. Their Twitter account specializes in that third one.


1. They can be very straightforward.


2. This happens a lot.


3. Steven just had to brag.


4. If your clanger leaks, please seek medical attention.


5. That’s the hope.


6. Is it now?


7. Oh my.


8. Yeah, you don’t want that.


9. Very TMI indeed, Sophie, God.


10. No soggy bottom here.


11. You may be doing it wrong, Prue.


12. Isn’t that where it should be?


13. Wait for it…


14.  However:


15. There’s no shame in that, it happens to every guy at some point.


16. Lesson learned.


17. You should’ve taken Paul’s advice from the previous tweet seriously, James. This is what you get.


18. This is how you do it.


19. Down and dirty.


20. And that can often be the best treatment.


21. It’s natural, Liam.


22. This cannot actually be about bread, can it?


23. Paul got a taste of his own medicine.


24. And for a proper climax:


(Header image via The Great British Bake Off on Twitter)


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