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It was UK Pun Day, and these brands just couldn’t help but get in on the fun

2 minuten lezen

Every country has their own traditions and holidays. The United Kingdom celebrated their most hilarious one this week: UK Pun Day. The puns just keep on coming, and these brands and organizations are punning with the best of them…


1. The competition for the best pun of the day was stiff.


2. Pottermore used their magic.


3. Innocent really swung for the fences.


4. Did you really think they were done?


5. BBC Earth’s punned so nice, they did it twice.


6. Those poor things.


7. The Mounted Police was also horsing around.


8. They’re not the only police force going for high fives.


9. The Welsh got involved as well.


10. Don’t worry, Lord of the Rings fans, there’s something for you as well.


11. Some had a more difficult time coming up with a solid pun.


12. Shaun the Sheep has some trouble with that as well.


13. Network Rail’s pun runs on time.


14. The London Fire Brigade made their input fun and informative at the same time.


15. These puns may be a lifesaver.


16. Iceland Foods goes the extra mile with this good looking pun.


17. Pizza Express gives the hashtag some pizzass.


18. This pun is also pico Cabello.


19. The Royal Mail definitely delivered.


Well punned, everybody…

shark tank drums GIF by Shark Tank, Network Ten


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