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17 times this Manchester police department shared criminally funny and bizarre cases on Twitter

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These days it’s important for police forces to have a social media presence. Some take this a little more seriously than others. The Manchester City Centre is happy to make their Twitter account a little more entertaining. Side-note for non-UK citizens: 999 is the emergency phone number there.


1. They love sharing remarkable reports.


2. In case you need the reminder, this is the tune they’re talking about.


3. That should be a crime tbh.


4. Badum-tss.


5. They’re happy to offer explanations.


6. That is one way to handle such a dispute…


7. Did they get there in time, though?


8. They’re not horsing around with these puns.


9. It’s not just intelligent people who call in.


10. The person they got this from must be so relieved their stuff is in good hands.


11. Better eyesight would’ve come in handy for this caller.


12. They know their Arctic Monkeys references.


13. Hopefully outing whose pun it actually was isn’t going to get them sued.


14. Some cases just solve themselves.


15. Good thing they’re not too big to admit their jokes are criminally bad.


16. At a city centre far, far away…


17. GMP City Centre won, that’s who.


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