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13 times the best burns by brands on Twitter

2 minuten lezen

Oftentimes brands choose to take the safe route on social media by being nice to everyone, or even just reply to people by copy-pasting the same message. Fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule. These brands aren’t afraid to unleash a burn or two…


1. Moe’s Southwest Grill will cut you.


2. Denied.


3. Wow.


4. Hardee’s took a look at Trump’s playbook when the Washington Post didn’t include them in this article.


5. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is never afraid to throw some shade.


6. KFC managed to burn McDonald’s and Donald Trump in one tweet.


7. They’re not the only fastfood chain with some sass in them.


8.  Paramount says goodbye to their brother network Spike, which will be cease to exist soon…


But @JustForHT and DiGiorno don’t buy that it’s spontaneous.


9. They don’t always do the burning themselves, but appreciate it when they see a solid one.


10. The band Mean Jeans felt ignored by Totinos.

DiGiorno’s saw their chance to get on Mean Jeans’ good side.



11. Tesco Mobile does. not. take. shit.


12. They really hit where it hurts.


13. The Hamburger Helper hand slaps back.


Know what you get into before you get cocky with these brands, or else…

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