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19 times MoonPie showed their social specialties: weirdness and savage burns

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MoonPie is an American company that produces marshmallow sandwiches. Making those isn’t the only thing they’re good at, though. They also have a weird and creative social media presence, with almost unmatched roasting skills.


1. Please keep these rules in mind before you start following them.


2. But really, MoonPie just wants to have some internet fun.


3. They’re always available for some solid advice.


4. Don’t talk down to them, though.


5. Their founder left them a message from 100 years ago.

They feel like they let him down…


6. Surprises are the best.


7. Their fan base is a fun community.


8. Which is probably why MoonPie basically offers free therapy on Twitter.


9. Not all their fan interactions are burns.


10. Their jokes get very literal.


11. And then there’s their Instagram. Full of family fun.



12. Transparency is important to them.


13. Their Facebook page is filled with 100% accurate history facts.


14. You’ll never be as sad as this poor Twitter bot.


15. If you need some haute cuisine cooking tips, look no further.


16. Their commercials don’t really go anywhere.



17. Their specialty, savage burns, doesn’t go unnoticed.



18. At least Eric gracefully admits defeat.


19. But finally, witness the murder of Kaela…


loop oh snap GIF


Header image via MoonPie on Facebook.


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