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13 times when Innocent Drinks showed their hilarious creativity online

2 minuten lezen

Food art, puns, hedgehogs with hats… do we need to say more?


1. They know how to cheer you up on the roughest days.



2. They’re true artists.



3. You won’t even need your weather app anymore once you start following them.


4. To call their Instagram ‘adorable’ would be an understatement.



5. Honestly, they’re visionaries.


6. If they so choose, they will scare the shit out of you.


7. The have THE BEST office mates.


8. If you’ve been naughty, they will put you in your place.



9. Fruit art AND puns?!



10. It’s good to know your limits.


11. This is just fanstachetic.



12. Bean there, done that.



13. Seriously, no more weather app necessary.


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