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Moosejaw Mountaineering might be the weirdest company on social media

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Outdoor apparel company Moosejaw Mountaineering may have the strangest and funniest social media manager there is.


1. They tweet the most random things.


2. They even hide jokes in their Facebook banner.


3. Their Instagram is a sight to behold as well.


4. The social media manager is brutally honest.


5. When Moosejaw can’t find a good location for their photoshoots, they find creative solutions.


6. At least they plan things in advance.


7. Moosejaw doesn’t shy away from political statements.


8. Nobody has better captions for their photos.


9. The creativity is hard to deny.

When you see an airplane for the first time in your life.⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ #MoosejawMadness #lovethemadness

A post shared by Moosejaw (@moosejawmadness) on


10. They subtweet their colleagues sometimes.


11. They post more elaborate office stories on Facebook.


12. They’re truly legendary.


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