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MoonPie shows no mercy with with this savage burn on Twitter

3 minuten lezen

It can be very profitable for businesses to step out of their comfort zone. MoonPie is doing just that: they’re writing a play. And they’re not just going to let people criticize it without a fight.


1. MoonPie doesn’t just produce marshmallow sandwiches, they’re also quality playwrights.


2. Read their epic story:


3. People can’t wait to see it.


4. But they’re not without criticism.


5. Will they be able to play scenes of over 6 seconds, though?


6. And then came @sigurbjornl, who got burned so hard he deleted his tweet. The internet doesn’t forget, though.


7. MoonPie took it as an insult, so this was their response…


8. Such irony.


9. Fortunately, Jenipher has a helpful tip for the poor guy.


Thanks for the tip, Evert Groot!


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