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16 times Denny’s proved to be of the strangest and most creative companies online

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Denny’s is an American breakfast diner, and might just be the company with the most bizarre social media presence.


1. This journey of weirdness starts with their Twitter account.


2. Their Instagram is truly grate.

When your blind date shows up and you know right away it isn’t going to go well…

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3. Yeah, please don’t do this.


4. Please follow these instructions.

Handle your delicates with care?

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5. Oh god.


6. They’re pretty savage on Tumblr as well.


7. Checks out.


8. How dare you even think they altered this image in any way.

Happy #NationalPancakeDay. Yes, this exists why would we lie to you about a pancake-necked giraffe? Come on now.

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9. Asked and answered.


10. Nononono


11. Their pun game is almost unparalleled.



12. They’re risk takers.


13. Denny’s knows their way around a meme.


14. Just… wow.



15. They truly go all out.

Come visit the magical sea we bought and swim among the dazzling coral beef.

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16. There is only one word that truly sums up Denny’s’ social media team: Eggcelent.


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