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Wendy’s can’t stop roasting people on Twitter

2 minuten lezen

Do not mess with Wendy’s.


1. Wendy’s specialty, besides their food, is roasting their competitors.


2. They’ll do it whenever they can.


3. They know what’s best for their customers.


4. Especially McDonald’s is their favorite target.


5. They often don’t even need to think about it anymore.


6. It’s a reflex, basically.


7. Ouch.


8. They’re always happy to help their fans make important decisions.


9. Wendy’s gets a lot of the same jokes fired at them.


10. And they will call you out for it.


11. Pizza chains aren’t safe either.


12. Mia has some explaining to do.


13. Anything you tweet at Wendy’s can backfire spectacularly.


14. Aiden just got caught.


15. And possibly the most savage one of all:


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