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These 17 tweets by Satan are funny as hell

2 minuten lezen

Besides being the lord of the underworld, he also runs a devilishly delightful Twitter account.


1. Credit where credit is due.


2. A common misconception. 


3. R.I.P. Vine.


4. The math doesn’t lie.


5. It’s important to have variation in your diet.


6. Sounds reasonable.


7. Well, as long as you’re having fun, Satan.


8. Enough already.


9. Sounds like heaven.


10. It’s not all jokes.


11. That’s going to be one hell of a party.


12. Remember this when you want to use that pick up line.


13. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen though.


14. It’s rude to cancel plans at the last minute.


15. Hell is getting too crowded for this nonsense.


16. He sets the game ablaze.


17. Let’s face it, he does make it sound fun.


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