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October just started, but Twitter is already spooky as hell

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It may still be weeks away, but that’s not stopping the internet to get into the Halloween spirit.


1. It’s time to get some spookiness into your system.


2. Some get a little too excited.


3. October? What is that?


4. Even animals are joining in.


5. Vladimir Pumpkin has awoken.


6. Some don’t need to change anything to get ready for the spooky season.


7. Others get nostalgic.


8. The rhythm is gonna get boo.


9. Some streets are already being haunted.


10. If only he thought about this for 2 more seconds…


11. You just know people will be clowning around with their costumes this year.


12. Planning what you’re going to be for Halloween isn’t always difficult.


13. Sometimes you just know things aren’t going to be like how you picture them.


14. Some spooky advice:


15. Not all Halloween-related advice is good advice though.


16. Sometimes a year is so full of horror that it’s just easier to pick a costume that contains all of it.


17. Remember that for some Halloween can be more than just a holiday.


Let the Spooky Season begin!

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