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Steak-Umm challenges Wendy’s on their Roast Day and the burns just keep coming

3 minuten lezen

Brands enjoy joking with each other on Twitter, and if they do it right, it’s fun to watch. However, they’re not always very nice to each other, as this beef between Steak-Umm and Wendy’s gets pretty heated.


1. On Thursday Wendy’s held their annual National Roast Day, where people actually ask to be roasted by them.


2. Frozen beef giants Steak-Umm wanted to test them.


3. Hold on to your meats, people. It’s going down.


4. Wendy’s immediately hits where it hurts… Steak-Umm’s unverified status.


5. But Steak-Umm isn’t impressed.


6. Wendy’s spreads some fake news…


7. Not their strongest comeback.


8. Steak-Umm is coming for that crown.


9. And then Wendy’s calls it quits with a final burn.


10. Steak-Umm signs off as well.


11. Unfortunately for Steak-Umm… the internet has spoken.


12. Rexhino tries to pour some salt in Steak-Umm’s frozen wounds.


13. But Steak-Umm throws one final, fiery punch, to end the day with a definite win.


evil on fire GIF


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