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This sandwich steak company is on a hilarious quest to get verified on Twitter

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Having that blue check mark next to their name on Twitter is something people dream of. Most brands have a verified account, so their customers know it’s them. Sliced meat company Steak-Umm doesn’t have that luxury. Yet.


1. The #VerifySteakUmm movement started in October.


2. Not being verified has some real downsides.


3. Whoa.


4. It’s not as if they haven’t been trying.


5. They’re not too big to admit their mistakes.


6. This fake conversation is so damning.


7. Whether their use of comic sans helps their case is up to you to decide.


8. Steak-Umm does not mind throwing a little shade.


9. The fans pull out all the stops to help them achieve their goal.


10. And why wouldn’t they, since Steak-Umm gifts them personalized memes.


11. They’re magnificent.


12. So they have Steak-Umm’s back.


13. The people are marching in the streets.


14. This is just cruel, Twitter.


15. It is a political issue of international magnitude.


16. Even OG Captain Kirk is getting involved.


17. Please, Twitter, end Steak-Umm’s suffering. They don’t deserve this fate.


Just verify them.

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