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Pop-Tarts is roasting local ‘specialties’ people share on Twitter

3 minuten lezen

Local food specialties can be the best things you ever eat. Some people take this way too far, though. Just look at the things they’re doing to Pop-Tarts.


1. It all started with a slice of cheese from Iowa.


2. And things got a lot worse quickly.


3. Look what you made them do.



4. Bad Pop-Tart etiquette AND bad grammar??


5. Things REALLY escalated.


6. Poor Pop-Tarts.



7. It’s such a corny joke.


8. Just… why?


9. The answer to Pop-Tarts’ questions is a resounding “no”.


10. Come on, Jake, they’re asking very politely.



11. This looks criminally bad, so…



12. Time to get the police involved.


13. It got so bad they had to get the police involved.


14. The Dixon Police hears the call of duty.


15. They’re happy at least someone wants to jump in.


16. But skrrrt god’s original tweet has been deleted, so:



sylvester stallone yes GIF by Rocky


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