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JetBlue Airways may have the strongest GIF game on Twitter

2 minuten lezen

Sometimes you need more than just words to express yourself to your customers.


1. JetBlue is not afraid to show some teeth online.


2. They know what they did.


3. How attentive.


4. As if they feel sorry for John when he knew what could have been.


5. They’re all about solidarity, sisters.


6. Patience is key.


7. Their staff makes them proud.


8. They don’t mind giving some relationship advice.


9. Suggestions are always welcome.


10. This offer is even harder to refuse now.


11. They know where to find Incredible gifs.


12. When they accidentally misspell your name, they’re totally cool about it.


13. Throwing a little shade at other airlines like…


14. With great power comes great responsibility.


15. They’re truly the King of gif responses.


16. Time to bring this blog to a smooth landing.


*Header image via JetBlue on Twitter.


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