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This woman witnessed a wild conversation that’s taking Twitter by storm

3 minutes reading time

Sometimes the things you witness in airport bars are better than television.


1. It started when she overheard something spicy in an airport bar.


2. The women made a pact.


3. BJ is learning some life lessons along the way.


4. She knows she’s on to something delicious here.


5. The women are on an emotional journey.


6. Things are about to get even more interesting.


7. BJ cannot believe her luck.


8. There were signs.


9. Her son in law is not the first guy she was wrong about.


10. At least they can joke about it.


11. BJ is impressed.


12. The ladies are finally realizing they’re living the plot of the Netflix show Grace & Frankie.


13. … but no need to linger on that.


14. They managed to get even more adorable.


15. BJ is really bonding with these ladies – without them noticing.


16. Turns out it’s not as easy for them as they make it seem.


17. At least Shot Lady is keeping her head up.


18. Life imitates art in this case.


19. With some extra liquid courage, they’re on their way.


20. Jeffrey and Richard: be warned.


Don’t mess with Shot Lady and Gum Lady, guys.

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