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This man’s phone is exploding because the internet thinks he is a former Trump advisor

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On Monday, news broke that the FBI has arrested former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in their Russian election hack investigation. It was also revealed that a former foreign policy advisor named George Papadopoulos was arrested months ago and that he has been helping the FBI ever since. Turns out he’s not the only George Papadopoulos.


1. This George Papadopoulos is a financial planner from Michigan, trying to enjoy spending time with his mother.


2. Not everybody is buying it, though.


3. A lot of people sympathize with him.


4. It’s not as bad as it could have been.


5. People give him some useful advice.


6. But why should he have to be the one who does that?


7. He’s not changing his Twitter handle to fit the theme either, because he has no reason to so.


8. Peter explains how this happened.


9. OG George agrees.


10. His phone is blowing up.


11. Let’s face it, his is bound to happen.


12. It’s just getting worse and worse for poor George.


13. He even had to make this his pinned tweet.


14. At least there’s someone who knows what he’s going through.


They’ll get through this together.



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