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13 brutal 1-star reviews from Ryanair’s Facebook page

Budget airline Ryanair doesn´t allow ordinary posts on their Facebook wall. They do, however, allow people to write reviews about them. You decide whether this is a good idea.


1. Before we read the actual reviews, let’s take a look at Ryanair’s average score.


2. There are plenty 1-star reviews that are serious, but expressed in a more or less polite way.


3. And then there are reviews like these.


4. They are not always subtle.


5. People get quite worked up.


6. They’re not always very insightful.


7. Sometimes people rate them with 1 star for a specific reason.


8. There are also people who defend Ryanair.


9. Cristea booked a Halloween flight where everyone dressed up as ghosts.


10. Some are harder to decipher.


11. Germán feels bad for Ryanair’s employees.


12. The discussions in the comments can be surprisingly civil in the end.


13. At least you know you’re flying in a pleasant atmosphere.


14. A Ghostbusters party flight does sound pretty good though…


15. And James… well, James knows how to paint a picture.


But hey, it could always be worse.

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