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Two strangers had sex on a Delta flight and the reactions are turbulent

3 minuten lezen

These two people take having an instant connection to a whole new altitude.


1. It all starts with this news report from FOX8.


2. Some people are outraged.


3. Grossed out, mostly.


4. It wasn’t bad for everyone.


5. Brian takes issue with the reporting.


6. Plenty of people are on the couple’s side, though.


7. Gary has thought about this a lot.


8. Paula is wondering how this could have happened. Luckily Jonathan has the answer.


9. The woman seems to have been identified.


10. Rita wonders whether they technically qualify to be Mile High Club members.


11. Let’s see what an actual member has to say about it.


12. Nadine is even inspired.


13. Jack is getting sick and tired of all these restrictions on flights.


14. And finally, Barry introduces Delta’s new slogan.


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