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15 of Gordon Ramsay’s best pasta burns for World Pasta Day

2 minuten lezen

Today is World Pasta Day, so it could not be more appropriate to enjoy some of Gordon Ramsay’s finest Twitter roasts of (often hideous) pictures of pasta people send him.


1. This may be a bio hazard.


2. Even on Twitter he curses in a creative way.


3. He asks a reasonable question.


4. Turns out the third time is not the charm.


5. That’s really saying something.



6. Gordon does not hesitate when there’s an opening for a pun.



7. Get that cat to a vet, Kenny. That’s not right.



8. It’s never too late for takeaway.


9. It might be time to re-evaluate this friendship.


10. Producing this kind of lasagna may be against the law in Italy.



11. Sacre bleu.



12. When you see it…



13. Come on, Darren. At least get the name right.



14. Someone needs to ketchup on their cooking lessons.



15. And finally, his masterpiece.


We’ll let the master chef himself sum it all up.

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