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10 great customer care moments from December

2 minuten lezen

December is always a stressful month for businesses with the holidays and all. That doesn’t mean they don’t have time for a little fun with their customers, fortunately.


1. Just try to understand, Heather.


2. That kid is a meme waiting to happen.


3. That’s one smelly surprise…


4. Sometimes the social media managers are as confused as we are.


5. This started out jokingly…

And then it took a turn…


6. Linzi had a bad experience: her Star Wars bags got stolen at Sainsbury’s.

The Force is strong with the response she got from Sainsbury’s.


7. This needs to happen and it needs to be filmed.


8. So THAT’s why they call it that.


9. How do you do, fellow kids?


10. Netflix just wants to cheer Chandler up a bit.

But hey, they’re not perfect themselves either.


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