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15 tweets that show that Netflix is great at Twitter all over the world

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Netflix brings millions of people from all over the world joy with the movies and tv series they allow them to see – often for hours and hours on end. That’s not the only way Netflix is killing it, though. Their Twitter accounts from all the ends of the Earth are also phenomenal. Here’s a just a few examples.


1. When Netflix can’t understand you’re a binge watching pro.


2. Same.


3. Painfully true.


4. They had the best reaction to the news about Twitter increasing its character limit.


5. Their original movies are Oscar-worthy.


6. Please step forward. They just want to help.


7. Seriously, they really love A Christmas Prince.


8. Don’t worry, they also love other Christmas classics.


9. They know how to describe a movie with laser accuracy.


10. They love quoting their favorite shows.


11. In case you were wondering.


12. Their different accounts love interacting with fans… and with each other.


13. They have tons of helpful tips.


14. Look no further for some mind-blowing fun facts about your favorite series. (Stranger Things in this case)


15. And they know you better than you know yourself.


On Twitter, Netflix is 100% the coolest kid at the party.
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