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9 Remarkable customer care moments from November

Customer care is always more fun if you get a non-standard response.


1. And you thought Starbucks baristas had a hard time spelling names.



Sometimes it’s more fun to just lean into it.



It is a pretty difficult name.


2. Sometimes the interactions can be a little… confusing.


3. Reunited and it feels so good.


4. Mercy does sound a little Christmassy, though.


Not everyone was as ready for the holidays as Jackie and Sainsbury’s.


5. Trying to burn a fastfood chain isn’t always a good idea…



Because they’re specialized in roasting.


6. Emma had a little eggcident.


And the puns kept coming.


6. Well… thank god they’re here then.


7. Subway is always happy to help customers in need.





8. In case you were wondering why Innocent juices taste a little holier these days…


9. And Burger King settled a debate.


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