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14 hilarious Twitter conversations with Uber that deserve 5 stars

2 minuten lezen

If there’s one thing we learned from these tweets, it’s that Uber rides are rarely boring. And their social media team is on point.


1. Sometimes the driver’s music really gets to you.


2. #Pick-upGoals.


3. This would be an udder delight.


4.You’d think a professional gamer wouldn’t mind this.


5. Sharing new experiences together is a beautiful thing.


6. This ride would’ve been nothing Without You.


7. Not every Uber experience is a pleasant one.


8. Points for the pun.


9. The more you know.


10. How could he not know?


11. American Horror Story: Uber Driver


12. How brave.


13. Someone’s in for a magical ride.


14. Best service ever.


15. And Uber was proud.


Ladies and gentlemen…

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