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British man goes nuts after finding out his ‘British’ tea is not grown in Britain

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The British love their tea. It’s a well established fact. Some Brits, however, see tea as such a fundamentally British thing, that it’s hard to grasp that the contents of their tea bags aren’t actually grown there. That’s what happened to Yorkshire Tea fan Terry.


1. It started when Brexiteer Terry thought Yorkshire Tea was on his side because they want him to drink their tea.


2. Rita is quite amused by his claim that Yorkshire Tea is actually grown in Yorkshire.


3. He doesn’t get the joke.


4. Rita happily drops this bomb on him.


5. Since Terry deleted the tweet below, we’ll show you Rita’s screenshot of it. It’s safe to say that he was not happy.


6. He can’t believe his eyes, so he goes straight to the source.




8. He. Is. Not. Happy. In all caps.


9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


10. His world is shattered.


11. At least he apologises in the end. Sort of.


It seems like a storm in a tea cup, but, you know…

sipping kermit the frog GIF


Thanks for the tip, Dave!


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