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The savage burns just keep on coming in The Great British Mince Off

3 minuten lezen

In case you missed it: web developer Mark Foyle from Swindon (UK) started a competition to find out which supermarket sells the best mince pie in all the land. Virtually every British supermarket imaginable jumped in. The Great British Mince Off was born.


1. Previously on The Great British Mince Off…


2. M&S ended up on top after the first couple of days.


3. And now, the battle continues.


4.Β It’s happening. Mark brought in a few fellow experts.


5. Unfortunately for Co-Op and Waitrose, they didn’t manage to dethrone M&S.


6. And M&S are fine with that.


7. Looks like Tesco is finally entering the ring.


8. The pies are ready for the tasting.


9. But Tesco is MIA.


10. Marks and Spencer are missing their friends.


11. In the meantime, Lidl has been summoned.


12. And they’re not holding back.


13. M&S can’t handle Lidl’s savage burn.


14. They’re pretty pleased with themselves.


15. Mark is back with the results…


16. And now Booths Country enters the fray.


17. Day 4 of the competition has arrived.


18. Tesco will see themselves out, to recover from Lidl’s burn.


19. Booths has something to help them with that.


20. Lidl requests a rematch!


21. M&S noticed that the above tweet wasn’t Lidl’s first response.


22. Obviously Lidl has a comeback.


23. Mark realizes something truly special is happening here.




25. M&S can’t believe their eyes either.


26. And then Mark jumps back in with Morrisons’ score…


27. But The Great British Mince Off is far from over…


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