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British supermarkets are in an epic Twitter battle over the best mince pies

3 minuten lezen

Mince pies are a quintessential British holiday food. Twitter user Mark Foyle has taken it upon himself to find out which supermarket has the best mince pies in the game. Grab some popcorn, because it’s a cutthroat competition.


1. The Great British Mince Off has begun.


2. M&S is not impressed with their competition.


3. So they’re totally in.


4. The game is on.Β 


5. They make their pick.


6. Lidl taps in.


7. And then M&S gets a little cocky…


8. Lidl comes back with a double slam.


9. Game recognize game.


10. Lidl already knows who the real winner is.


11.Β  Aldi’s pies have an alcoholic edge.


12. But M&S is not impressed.


13. Mark feels like more gladiators need to join this fight.


14. Per Mark’s request, Iceland is in the game.


15. Waitrose tries to one-up them.


16. And then there’s Co-op as well.


17. Two more warriors enter the ring.


18. Tesco feels left out.


19. Lidl will show them out.


20. Asda is getting a little salty.


21. And again, Lidl steps in to shut. it. down.


22. The second round is about to start…


23. The results are in…


24. Lidl shows their sportsmanship.


25. But there can be only one winner.


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