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How Asda’s customer service saved this woman’s life

4 minuten lezen

Good customer service is important to many people and businesses. This story shows how it can actually save lives.


1. The story starts with a Facebook post by British supermarket chain Asda about customer Emma returning to the store to thank the optometry team for their service. Read the full story here.


2. The praise for the optometrists just keep on coming.


3. It is a real eye-opener for people.


4. As it turns out, Emma isn’t the only one this happened to.


5. The personal stories keep coming.


6. Sometimes it doesn’t lead to medical treatment, but to peace of mind.


7. It’s not limited to just customers, it even happened to Asda employee Bex.


8. Other people with the same condition appreciate this raise for awareness.


9. The story and the responses to it did not go unnoticed by optometrist Mubeen, Emma’s savior.


10. Emma herself also popped in to show her gratitude.


11. Moral of this story: get your eyes checked sometime, people.


12. Thanks to these two visionaries, Emma is now eyeing a speedy recovery.

*Photo credit: Asda on Facebook


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