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Supermarket manager calms a restless kid by showing him his trade

4 minuten lezen

Restless young children in shops can be a real pain. Fortunately, the manager of a Morrisons supermarket in Wishaw (UK) knows how to handle this type of situation, and even turns it into something productive.


1. It all started with this message from Lisa from Wishaw.


2. The manager showed little Rhyan how to make the dairy aisle look presentable.


3. And he stacked some sausages.


3. Morrisons was understandably delighted to hear Lisa’s story.


4. Supermarket talent scouts Creagg and Helen see a bright future for Rhyan.


5. Mark sees a business opportunity for local shop owners.


6. The manager, Jason, is being praised for his approach.


7. The manager’s pleasantness is no fluke.


8. Collette, however, is sending some mixed messages.


9. And where some see a wholesome story, Gillian sees a free daycare.


Well done, Jason.

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