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Lidl’s response to this man’s complaint will definitely make you laugh

3 minuten lezen

A man named Carl Goldfinch tried to receive a discount by showing supermarket-chain Lidl that he was missing about four inches of crisps in the can that he bought at one of their stores. While he was trying to joke around with Lidl they managed to do the same with Carl. Lidl came up with a pretty great response and there was not much left to do for Carl than just go with it. And he did.


1. Carl added this picture to his tweet to visualize his claim.


2. Even though Lidl had an explanation, Carl was not amused.


3. Someone else had a pretty accurate response to that.


4. But Carl’s reply to that is also not a lie.


5. Then Lidl decided to reply to Carl’s original tweet and people went nuts. Or crisps, whatever you like.


6. And even though Lidl’s comment was spot on, so is Carl’s reply. Again.


7. All in all, some people took this seriously even though Carl was obviously just messing with Lidl. And the other way around as well.


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